China hands over a newly built IDP site to UNMISS

by talkofsudan | Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2014

The Chinese government yesterday handed over the newly constructed Internally Displaced Person’s camp to the UN Mission in South Sudan.

IDPs in the current UN camps in Juba will be transferred to the new Protection of Civilian site in order to decongest the camps and improve services delivery.

The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to South Sudan, Hilde Johnson, said the new site will help aid agencies control spread of diseases and improve the living conditions of the IDPs.

“It will literally get people out of the mud, out of flooded bases from our Tonginy bases for one but also elsewhere, from what can increasingly become a death trap; so it lifesaving,” said Madam Johnson.

However, the UN representative said the construction of the new site is not a solution to the plight of the IDPs.

She calls for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan so that the displaced persons can return to their homes.

“If more had been done to build the necessary trust and confidence; both in public rhetoric as well as in practice- making individual areas and towns more safe and secure, they would also have been more willing to return, despite individual elements that may be more politicized,” she appealed.

The construction of a 600,000 square meters compound was completed in two month by the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation.

The site include; the construction of a 4 kilometers of ditch, 4 kilometers of berm, 6 kilometers of road ,8 kilometers of fence and 2 boreholes.

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